Splash GIS

The Splash GIS entry page is fully customized according to the customer's wishes and can be password-protected to restrict access.

All Splash GIS updates come at no addition costs!

The Splash GIS "Main Map" interface informs the user of all active layers, displays the legend, scale, cursor coordinates, and much more.

Splash GIS customers can always count on our free technical support.

The Splash GIS user can display the "Main Map" interface without the layer overview and legend.

Splash GIS supports data transfers to external programs, e.g. Microsoft Word.

The Splash GIS user can query map objects by clicking inside the map.

The Splash GIS user can measure distances and surfaces.

The Splash GIS user can display the map legend to get additional information on the content of the map window.

The Splash GIS user can create map printouts by scale using the Pdf file format.

The Splash GIS "Redlining Tools" allow drawing of points and lines, and inserting texts.

The powerful Splash GIS "Seach" interface allows the user to find objects in the map.

The Splash GIS user can activate the overview map to find out about the actual position.

Splash GIS allows the user to export the map into external programs, e.g. to create a report with Microsoft Word.

Splash GIS uses powerful Opensource software, e.g. Apache and UMN Mapserver.

Splash GIS is platform independent software and can therefore be installed on almost every operating system, e.g. Windows, Ubuntu or Android.

Splash GIS can run on multiple devices, e.g. tablets or laptops.

Splash GIS comes as online or offline solution.

Try Splash GIS before you buy it!

Splash GIS is a WebGIS (GIS=”Geographic Information System”)

Splash GIS is a web-based online mapping application which can be accessed from anywhere using an internet connection.

Splash GIS uses digitized information, e.g. air or satellite pictures and geographic data to create customized maps.

Splash GIS is preferably installed on an internet server. Please find out more about our hosting solutions here.

Splash GIS can be tailored to meet the needs of your business, whether association, government institution or company.

Splash GIS is most efficient in accessing ground based information:

  • Land plots
  • Housing
  • Road networks
  • Points of interests
  • Tourist attractions
  • Water pipe networks
  • Electricity line networks
  • Etc.

Splash GIS comes with a convenient and simple graphical interface allowing every user to get familiar with this application within the shortest possible time.

Splash GIS Specifications

  • Realtime-display of map coordinates
  • Display of scale bar and current scale
  • Zooming the map by slider, dragging of a zoom window or button click
  • Unlimited undo and redo
  • Query of map objects by clicking inside the map
  • Display of the map legend
  • Map printout by scale using the Pdf file format
  • Customized printouts using the “Print Editor” interface
  • Display of the overview map
  • Measurement of distances and surfaces
  • Search for objects
  • Exporting the map choosing map resolution and image type
  • Drawing of points and lines, and inserting texts