Access to Splash WELFARE is restricted to registered users.

Splash WELFARE can run on multiple devices, e.g. tablets or laptops.

The Splash WELFARE "Support & Help" page contains all information for the user to quickly get support from us.

Splash WELFARE manages and stores all data inside the powerful Mysql database.

The Splash WELFARE "Members" interface informs the user of all members and allows him to update member information.

Splash WELFARE comes as online or offline solution.

Splash WELFARE supports the creation of "ID Cards".

Try Splash WELFARE before you buy it!

The Splash WELFARE user can easily update information either individually or in bulk.

All Splash WELFARE updates come at no addition costs!

Various Splash WELFARE "Import" interfaces allow easy and fast data transfer, e.g. new members.

Splash WELFARE customers can always count on our free technical support.

The Splash WELFARE "Contributions" and "Benefits" interfaces inform the user and allow him to update information.

Splash WELFARE supports data transfers with external programs, e.g. Microsoft Excel.

The Splash WELFARE "Reports" interface is a powerful tool for Analysis, Info & Monitoring, e.g. of members.

The Splash WELFARE "Report" interface is a powerful tool for Analysis, Info & Monitoring, e.g. of contributions.

The Splash WELFARE "Report" interface is a powerful tool for Analysis, Info & Monitoring, e.g. of benefits.

The Splash WELFARE "Users" interface allows registering different users with their appropriate user rights.

The Splash WELFARE "Settings" interface allows the user to customize e.g. the contact information.

Splash WELFARE users can manually backup their data anytime they want.

Splash WELFARE supports barcodes and barcode scanners to access information efficiently.

Splash WELFARE uses powerful Opensource software, e.g. Apache, Mysql, Codeigniter, and many more.

Splash WELFARE is platform independent software and can therefore be installed on almost every operating system, e.g. Windows, Ubuntu or Android.

Splash WELFARE is an "Information Management System (=IMS)".

Splash WELFARE is a web-based online application which can be accessed from anywhere using an internet connection. Upon customer request, it can also be installed offline.

Splash WELFARE is preferably installed on an internet server. Please find out more about our hosting solutions here.

Splash WELFARE can be tailored to meet the needs of your specific Welfare Scheme.

Splash WELFARE is most efficient in management of members, contributions and benefits.

Splash WELFARE is designed to assist your business by recording all transactions and enabling you to monitor your Welfare Scheme most effectively.

Splash WELFARE comes with a convenient and simple graphical interface allowing every user to get familiar with this application within the shortest possible time.

Splash WELFARE comes with a powerful database and supports manual and fully automated database backups.

Splash WELFARE Specifications

  • Password-protected Login Interface
  • Supports Single Client & Multi-Client-Access
  • Management of Members, Contributions & Benefits
  • Printout of Member ID Cards
  • Fast Data Access using Barcode Scanners
  • Report Generation for Analysis, Info & Monitoring
  • User & Access Management System

Splash WELFARE Solutions & Services

  • Software-only & All-in-One Packages incl. Hardware
  • Online and Offline Solutions
  • Free Choice of Internet Hosting Provider
  • Free Trial Periods
  • Free Customer Support
  • Free Updates